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At WWDC 2021, Apple unveiled iOS 15, the next major version of iOS. The iOS 15 will be available later this year. There are several big updates to keep you stay connected and stay focused. With the iOS 15, Apple wants to offer quick information access and to make you more productive.


Memoji is getting several new things. Now users can customize their Memoji with over 40 outfit choices. You can also now select a different color for your left eye and your right eye. Apple has also included three new glasses options, nice new Memoji stickers and new accessibility options.



The iOS 15 improved FaceTime a lot and puts this video calling service in direct competition against Zoom and Meet. Apple claims that FaceTime calls now feel more comfortable and. With spatial audio, now it will feel like people are sitting in the same room and speaking face to face. Apple is also include voice isolation feature that uses on-device machine learning to block out ambient noise.

Apple has also included portrait mode that blurs your background in FaceTime. Now you can also invite other people to FaceTime call using sharable links. You can generate a link to your FaceTime call. Then share this link over emails, messages and even create a shared calendar event. Anyone with the link can join the call from any platform including Android or PC in a browser.

FaceTime Sharable Link

People can also watch video content together using SharePlay. It synchronizes videos or music with everyone in a FaceTime call. With the picture-in-picture feature, users can also see friends’ reactions. People can also continue having text conversations as media plays. 

Shared Video

Apple has confirmed that several third-party apps such as Disney+, Hulu, HBOMax, TikTok, Masterclass, NBA, and Paramount+ already work with SharePlay.


Apple’s iMessage is also getting a big upgrade. It now stacks photos shared in iMessage. Users can tap and swipe through them to check all. Photos shared on iMessage will also be available in the Photos app under the Shared with You section. 

Not just photos, shared items support other things. For example, if someone sent you an article link on iMessage, you can later find it in the Shared With You section in Apple News. Apple Music is also getting the Shared With You section for music shared in iMessage. While checking the shared item in an app, you can quickly up the conversation.


The Photos app is also getting a big update. Now it can detect and extract text from photos. You can capture text from a whiteboard or even handwritten notes. You can quickly copy the text or number in a photo to paste in other notes. Apple confirmed that the Live-text feature can understand seven languages including Chinese.

Photo Memories can curate captured moments into heartfelt movies. The app will let you set your own music from Apple Music. It will also suggest songs but you can also choose your own. Memories video will be interactive and editable. There will option to add transitions and filters. It will automatically do contrast corrections and you will get an option to try a different variant.

Photos Memories


Notifications also getting a big overhaul to keep you focused and more productive. Notifications are now getting larger icons and contact photos for people. So, you can easily identify notifications and choose to act as per priority. The iOS 15 also brings a new Notification Summary that can be customized and scheduled to appear at any time of the day per your preference.

Notification Summary

Apple is now also using on-device intelligence to improve your productivity and keep you focused. Apple is introducing a new Settings calls Focus Mode. It lets you choose apps and people you want tp get notifications from.

Focused Mode

For example you can set different modes including Personal, Work, and Sleep. When it is set to Word, you will only get notifications from your office colleagues and productivity apps selected by you. During office hours, set the Work mode and no personal notifications will bother you.


Apple is also updating the Weather map. It now includes features from Dark Sky. It now includes full-screen weather maps and high-resolution images that animate depending on weather conditions. So, it acts as your own personal weather assistant. Maps also include thousands of variations to represent sun position, clouds, and rain. Information now includes wind, UV index, and barometric pressure data.


Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet is getting a big update as well. Now users can upload their photo ID such as driver’s licenses to keep a digital version of their ID. It will work as a physical license. Apple has confirmed that it will be even accepted at TSA checkpoints.

Apple Wallet can also store digitals keys in the Apple Wallet app. So, you can quickly use your iPhone to unlock your car or house. Wallet can also work as even hotel keys at participating venues and key for your cars.


Apple has also upgraded Maps. Now it includes more details of areas. You can clearly see bike lanes, bus lanes, taxi lanes, crosswalks, buildings, elevation, improved levels, custom icons, and more. It can also now offer improved navigation experience.

Apple Maps

There are also several notable updates, performance improvements and small changes in UI.

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