Bione launches India’s first Rapid COVID-19 at-home screening test kit

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Bione has recently launched a rapid COVID-19 at-home Screening test kit and has established itself as the first healthcare company in India to achieve the feat. The easy-to-use kit displays accurate results within minutes, instrumental in the timely screening of the deadly virus. The at-home screening kit is available for sale on their platform after approval from the requisite medical regulatory authorities. 

In a breakthrough development, the Biotech company has devised the screening kit for coronavirus which can provide respite from the impending fear of the contagion. The simple point-of-care home screening kit renders quick results, without having to step out in the wake of lockdown. It will foster timely detection of the disease while acting as a preventive tool for others in proximity to the user, by isolating the carrier immediately. The kit is priced between INR 2000-3000/- depending upon the global supply, to increase its affordability for the masses. Under normal circumstances, the ready-to-use kits can be received within 2-3 days of placing the order at their platform. An effective screening tool for mass screening, the organisation is also in talks to provide bulk orders for early detection. 

COVID-19 Screening test kit is an IgG & IgM based tool which takes 5-10 minutes to deliver the results. Upon receiving the kit, the user is required to clean their finger with an alcohol swab and use the lancet provided to finger-prick. The cartridge provided reads the results from the blood sample thus obtained, within 5-10 minutes. 

The products have been sourced from our worldwide CE and FDA approved partners and are brought to market after stringent quality controls have been ensured. The kits are approved by ICMR and will be deployed in the market after proper quality checks and assurance. The company is in the process of getting approval for more USFDA partners.  

The organisation is well-equipped to supply 20,000 kits per week and intends to build its manufacturing facilities in the coming months to sufficiently cater to the high demand. Currently, the kits are experiencing a worldwide upsurge in demand especially from the US, Italy, Spain etc. due to lack of coronavirus testing solutions in the market. It is noteworthy that the screening is done at the patient’s end, eliminating the need for a physical laboratory which helps minimise the contraction of COVID-19. 

Bione was founded in 2019 in Bengaluru by Dr Surendra K Chikara, who is a world-renowned genomicist, and the first person to bring NGS sequencing in India. It is India’s first-and-only organisation offering personalised Genetic and Microbiome testing services. The organisation has the laurel of being India’s first direct-to-consumer genetic and microbiome testing service and is actively working towards boosting preventive healthcare and increasing life expectancy in India. The company had earlier developed a Microbiome test kit to check gut dysbiosis and also genetic tests to predict susceptibility to contagious diseases such as COVID-19, based on their genetic makeup. The data analysed by proprietary Bioinformatics Bione Platform and results combined with tailored recommendations, are helpful in taking preventive measures and in fighting off coronavirus. The stand-alone COVID-19 Rapid At-Home Screening test kit is a reliable screening tool against coronavirus. 

Irrespective of the results of COVID-19 Screening kit, Bione urges people to undergo a laboratory test if someone shows the symptoms of coronavirus. An immediate and thorough follow-up on the positive test results is required. 

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