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These challenging times are a blessing in disguise to give us more time with our loved ones. Every occasion, big or small, is being celebrated in its own unique and interesting way. With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start planning for the special day and make it a memorable one for the most special man in your life. If you’re struggling to think of what to gift your Dad this Father’s Day, why not create something really engaging and personal with Alexa Blueprints this year? 

Here are some skill templates you can try out: 

Show him he’s the ‘World’s best dad

Create a blueprint for World’s greatest dad by following some simple instructions. You can tweak the existing content or can add your own personalized content to the template. For eg: once completed all you have to say is, “Alexa, open my dad’s compliments” and let Alexa answer with a customised message like, “Happy Father’s Day, Hari! Arjun and Diya want you to know why they think you are the best dad in the world. Since it’s your special day, here’s something you should know…It’s not enough to have just one holiday to celebrate what a great dad you are, you’re amazing every day of the year! Want to hear another good thing about you?”

Make the day ‘All about Dad

Your Dad ensures every day is a special day for you. This Father’s Day, make it all about him. With the All About Dad Blueprint template, you can create a story with your Dad as the hero. You can even add in sound effects, fun expressions and pauses. Once you create the story, just say, “Alexa, open my Dad’s story” and Alexa will narrate the story you create. You can even change the name of the skill to your preference.

Create ‘Custom Q&A’s’ to for your Dad

Create a set of Q&A’s in your custom Blueprint to show how well you know your dad. You could hand over the set of questions to your dad or just ask Alexa the questions yourself! Some questions you could ask “Alexa, who’s the best dad?”“Alexa, what’s my favorite memory with dad?” or “Alexa, what’s dad’s favorite movie?” Have a fun time with your family with this quiz and show your dad how much you love him. 

Show him how well you know him with Facts about him!

How many times have you forgotten the year your Dad was born, or which college he went to, or who his best friend in school was? Time to show him you were listening to all his stories. Using the Facts Blueprint, you can create a list of facts about your Dad. You customise the name of the skill and say, “Alexa, open Facts about my Dad”, and Alexa can respond like “Welcome to Facts about my Dad.  Let’s start. Hari was born in 1962, in Mysore on May 3rd” and any other facts you include. 

Bonding time with some Family Trivia!

Father’s Day is celebrated by the family, why not celebrate it with some Family Trivia? Compete with your family to see who knows whom best. The objective of Family Trivia is to quiz each other on facts you didn’t know about your family. By getting Alexa to be your quiz master, you can all take turns in the game! All you have to do, open the Blueprint, create your own questions, fill four possible answers and customize the way Alexa will run the quiz.  Grab 1-4 players, say, “Alexa, open Family Trivia”to begin the game.  Alexa even totals the score and declares a winner.

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