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What is

The project , or DeXe , is presented as a decentralized “social trading” platform designed to follow  the strategies of the best traders . This platform provides a complete copy trading tool in the decentralized finance  (DeFi) environment.

To do this, any user must connect to a wallet for which he holds the private key, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet (therefore excluding those of centralized platforms). Then he can choose a trader or a group of trader based on their performance and subscribe to it.

Once a trader is followed, copies their trades according to the parameters predefined by the user himself. For example, the user can request that a manual confirmation be requested before each operation.

For traders wishing to share their operations, all they need to do is install a specific plugin on their browser and then establish a connection between an exchange and . After that, they can set the desired payout option for those copying their trades either a fixed payout or a percentage of the profit made.

When it is launched, the ecosystem will already be very complete, with the support of the main decentralized exchanges like Uniswap , DeFi protocols such as Balancer and Curve, then protocol aggregators like 1inch .

Major centralized exchanges can also be connected to, in particular Huobi Global , Binance , OKEx , Bittrex or even Bitfinex .


The DEXE token & its use cases

To ensure the decentralization of its ecosystem, adopts a governance token, the DEXE . The holders of this ERC-20 token will play a role in the future development of the platform, in particular by proposing potential modifications and by approving them or not by a vote.

When a user makes a profit, the protocol’s smart contract will automatically deduct a 30% commission from their income, and buy the same amount of DEXE tokens on the market.

Then, the equivalent of these tokens is divided into 3 parts, one part which will be burned, the second which will be used as an insurance fund and the third which will be distributed to the holders of DEXE tokens.

The ICO of

For the launch of the platform, is therefore organizing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) dedicated to the DEXE token . The total token supply is set at 100 million units and 5 million DEXE will be distributed during the ICO.

The sale begins this September 28 and will last 22 days , each day corresponding to one round of the ICO. Indeed, a certain quantity of DEXE tokens will be available for purchase on a daily basis. On the first day, the largest number of tokens will be sold, i.e. 1 million DEXE (20% of the entire ICO).

example, if $ 500,000 is raised by, the initial price of DEXE will be $ 0.5 (1 million tokens being sold). Every day after the first, 3.809% of the ICO supply will be distributed to investors, or 190,476 DEXE.


DEXE token staking rewards

Early DEXE token holders are eligible to receive staking rewards . Investors in any of the rounds receive daily staking rewards on the tokens they hold in their wallet for the full duration of the ICO.

The rewards for each round depend on how full the previous round was (over 100%, under 100%, 25%, etc.).

  • For the 1st round, the minimum daily reward for staking is 5%;
  • For rounds 2 to 22, the minimum daily staking reward is 2%.

It should be noted that the staking rewards will be blocked for the duration of the token sale. Once the 22nd round is completed, a gradual unlocking will take place for a period of 12 months . However, it will be possible to unlock part of the rewards with a commission.

As soon as is launched, all DEXE token holders will be able to participate in a yield farming program . Early investors will receive a bonus, while those buying DEXE tokens after the ICO will receive the minimum rate of return. For the moment, the rate is not yet known, it being dependent on the success of the ICO.

Regarding the listing of the DEXE token on the exchange platforms, it should be available on Uniswap from September 29. At the beginning of October, the arrival of DEXE is also planned on a centralized exchange. presents itself as an interesting solution for copying the movements of the portfolios of experienced traders, in particular those specializing in DeFi tokens . By operating in a decentralized manner and letting the user decide on the execution of operations, brings some innovations in the field of copy trading.

However, this method of portfolio management is not without risks . If you are interested, be very careful in choosing the trader you follow, and select someone who performs well over the long term , whether in an uptrend or downtrend market.




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