How to Disable Autoplay on a Kids Profile in NETFLIX


This article shows how an account owner can disable episode autoplay for a kids profile using the Profile Hub.

Steps to disable autoplay:

  1. Member (account owner) starts on Profile Gate
  2. Selects the primary profile on the account
  3. Is prompted for their PIN and enters it
  4. Uses the dropdown in the top-right corner to access Account Settings
  5. Find the profile they wish to edit in the Profile Hub and expands the accordion
  6. Locates Playback Settings and clicks “change”
  7. Unticks the box for Autoplay Next Episode and Autoplay Previews
  8. Clicks submit button and is navigated back to Account Settings
  9. Uses the dropdown menu in the top-right corner to access the Kids profile
  10. Navigates to a series and clicks play on an episode
  11. Scrubs to the end of the episode
  12. Shows that episode ends and does not autoplay

You may also refer to this video:

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How to Disable Video Merch on a Profile 

This Steps shows how an account owner can disable the autoplay of previews in the browse UI for a profile using the Manage Profiles > Edit Profile screen

Steps to disable video merch on a profile:

  1. Member starts at profile gate
  2. Accesses a profile on the account
  3. Shows that the Billboard canvas automatically plays a trailer
  4. Uses the dropdown menu in the top-right corner to select Manage Profiles
  5. Is navigated to Profile Gate in an edit state
  6. Selects their profile
  7. Unticks the box for autoplay previews and presses save
  8. Presses down on the Manage Profiles screen
  9. Selects their profile
  10. Shows the Billboard no longer autoplays previews

Hope these followings steps helped you and your problem is solved. If you have any suggestion or anything to ask regrading this post you can drop a comment below this article. 

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