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Stats Timeframe: March 1 – May 31
Listed below are few engaging interactions that India had with Alexa during the lockdown:
● Alexa got thousands of requests every minute from customers during the lockdown!
● Alexa reminded customers to drink water or take medication every 2 minutes
● Requests for workout music increased 3X
● Alexa got some extra love in Hindi during the lockdown than before. Customers were concerned
about Alexa’s wellbeing with Alexa being asked “Alexa, kaisi ho?” at least thrice every minute.
Nearly every minute, there was one customer asking, “Alexa, mujhse shaadi karogi?” or “Alexa, I
love you”.
● Alexa answered trivia questions like “Alexa, who is Jatayu’s brother?”, “Alexa who were the sons
of Ravana”, even as Alexa skills like ‘Stories from Mahabharata’ and ‘Ramayan Katha’ gained
popularity in March & April. With the newly launched Audible Suno skill in June, we can now
listen to Mahabharata with Devdutt Pattanaik.

● With kids attending school from home, Alexa’s education capabilities turned a delighter for
○ One in 5 customers engaged with education skills on Alexa. Top education skills
requested were: “Alexa, I want to learn English” via Pearson MyPedia as well as 1-2-3
Math, and Word of the day.
○ Nursery Rhymes, one of the most used kids skills during lockdown, saw a 3X spike in
engagement. Other popular Kid Skills include ChuChu TV, Amazon Storytime, and
Chhota Bheem Adventures also saw an uptake in engagement
○ Usage of foreign language learning skills increased by 15%, the most popular being
French, Spanish and Japanese.

● Alexa got her game face to the table as there was a 4x increase in the usage of Alexa’s game
skills. Most played games during the period:

  1. Impossible Bollywood Quiz
  2. Song Quiz
  3. Fact of Fib
  4. Snakes and Ladders Game
  5. Akinator
  6. Riddle of the Day
  7. Memory Game
  8. Simon Says
  9. Number Guessing Game
  10. Either Or
    ● Alexa upped her ‘love quotient’ with Urdu Shayari
    ○ While Alexa might not fully understand the human emotion of love, but she got some
    experts to talk all about it, in the form of Urdu Shayaris. Starting from World Poetry Day
    (21 March), with the Rekhta skill, Alexa started serving Love Shayari and the works of
    Mirza Ghalib and many more. Customers requested for Shayari atleast once every 4

● Most popular questions asked during the lockdown

○ “When is the next long weekend?”
○ “Who is the prime minister of India?”
○ “What is the capital of India?”
○ “Who is the president of India?”
○ “How tall is Mount everest?”
○ “When is sunset?”
○ “What’s the temperature of the sun?”
○ “What is the value of Pi?”
○ “What’s the meaning of _?”
○ “What is the population of India?”
● Top 5 coronavirus questions
○ “What is coronavirus?”
○ “What is covid-nineteen?”
○ “Tell me about coronavirus?”
○ “How many corona cases in India?”
○ “Do you have coronavirus?”
○ “How many cases of coronavirus in India?”
● Top 10 skill categories that saw the highest engagement from pre-covid timeline are
○ Education
○ Novelty and Humor
○ Productivity
○ Games
○ Spirituality
○ Music and Radio
○ Trivia
○ Food and Drink
○ Kids
○ Local
● Most played songs during the period:
○ Hanuman Chalisa
○ Gayatri Mantra
○ Baby Shark
○ Nursery rhymes,
○ Lakdi ki Kathi
○ Bala
○ Genda Phool
○ Muqabla
○ Wheels on the Bus
○ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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