KRAFTON, Inc. today announced that the March Update for NEW STATE MOBILE is live on Android and iOS. This update marks the launch of the battle royale game’s partnership with McLaren Automotive as the 765LT supercar is now available in-game. The March Update also comes with a new Survivor Pass, a revamped Erangel map, a new MG3 weapon and additional weapon customization slots for the Vector and Mini-14.

NEW STATE MOBILE’s collaboration with luxury supercar maker McLaren Automotive introduces the 765LT to the game. The 765LT – which is lighter, more powerful and offers the highest levels of driver engagement – is the latest in a line of “Longtail” McLarens and the most advanced and engaging LT model ever from McLaren. Players can now jump into both Troi and Erangel to experience the most powerful LT ever or they can obtain the exclusive vehicle skins through a time-limited McLaren Crate. The 765LT is available in five color variations: McLaren Orange, Luminaire Green, Sunset Orange, Thunderbolt Blue and NEW STATE Special.

See below for a full rundown of other major features added to the game with the March Update. The full March Update Patch Notes are available HERE

  • Survivor Pass Vol. 5: The March Update introduces a new Survivor Pass with Cynthia Song from Project Justice coming to NEW STATE MOBILE. Players can earn Cynthia Song’s costumes and character appearance by completing all of the Story Missions. Players who upgrade to the Premium Pass will also receive Cynthia Song’s Shadow Assassin costume.
  • Erangel Revamp: Erangel has received an update that mainly focuses on the southwest region of Erangel’s northern island. Avanpost comes as a new location within the map, while a factory has been added to Quarry, as well as a new loot location within Ferry Pier and The Dock. These additions are promised to bring a new and refined looting and combat experience for players jumping into Erangel.
  • New Weapon – MG3: The MG3 is a viable full-auto LMG that uses 7.62mm ammo, with a 75 round magazine that’s fully capable of defeating opposing players. The gun has two rates of fire – 660 RPM and 990 RPM, with the default rate of fire set at 990 RPM and deals the most DPS out of any weapon in the 990 RPM setting. This new weapon will spawn in Care Packages across every map and has a chance of appearing in the Weapons Box, located in the Police Station in Chester on Troi.
  • New Weapon Customizations: With the March Update, the Vector and Mini-14 weapons now have a second customization slot to further enhance their weapon customizations and viability. The Vector can now equip a drum magazine that’s capable of holding 45 rounds at the cost of significantly reducing the reload speed of the gun. The Mini-14 now has an open Stock Slot for tactical stock attachments to be equipped that will strengthen stability, recoil control and reduce ADS speed.
  • Seasonal Activities: Along with the new update, a cherry blossom-themed lobby and various events will be introduced to celebrate a new season and the start of spring! Players can enter the events to get various spring festive rewards, including a cherry blossom weapon and a cherry blossom profile frame.

NEW STATE MOBILE’s March Update is playable now for Android and iOS users. For information about NEW STATE MOBILE, please visit or follow on social media at TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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