Singularity launches SecurePass – A single platform to contactless entry


Singularity Automation is a state of the art technology to help companies achieve operational efficiency through effective usage of IoT. Singularity Automation has been working on Smartphone based BLE technology driven IoT products in all of its offerings such as Smart Locks, Contact-less Access Controls, etc., Apart from this, they also have Energy Meters and Water Sensors for achieving greater operational efficiencies at the Property Management levels. 

The pandemic has changed offices forever. Moving forward all the facilities would require strict restrictions and compliances to follow including how employees enter and access the workplace. Technology can help in meeting these compliances and this is reflected in the popularity of solutions like SecurePass which offers app based access control systems for any facility.

Lately, the Indian market is being flooded with Chinese facial recognition systems which are expensive yet one could easily be fooled by using someone’s photo. Considering your smartphone is already your wallet, it can act as a contactless key also. SecurePass uses Bluetooth technology to establish an encrypted connection between your phone and access control to grant access to any facility.

SecurePass is also pitching it’s product to businesses to enforce occupancy levels in buildings and various sections and rooms inside the buildings. It has an infrared people counter built-in so if the building reaches its designated capacity, the access to new entrants is denied. These sensors also help in detecting tailgating, making it a full-fledged security solution.

The clients have the flexibility to choose between the SecurePass’ Capex and Opex pricing plans, to customize their operational expense and yet leverage the technology to provide their end users a superior experience. 

SecurePass also has the capability to integrate with its in-built Visitor Management System or to any existing VMS through API integration to offer even the Visitors and Customers the assurance of Pandemic Standard Security Compliance. Apart from this, there is even an extended scope to integrate the platform for Time & Attendance Management systems. 

SecurePass is also partnering with various HRMS companies that the employers use to automatically cut off access to terminated employees and automatically granting access to new employees. The company is also integrating CCTV cameras from various vendors to provide a single platform for all security needs.

Singularity Automation which owns the SecurePass brand raised Pre series A funding in February from Ivycap ventures. 

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