Technology to Business: The Invisible Gap


Amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and nationwide lockdown, seasoned Healthcare IT professional, academician and author Harish C. Rijhwani recently conducted a virtual launch of his second book titled “Technology to Business: The Invisible Gap”. The book, currently available worldwide on Amazon through its Kindle e-book edition, is targeted at anyone who wishes to translate their technical skills into a thriving business. It addresses the challenges and pain-points of technocrats, technologists, aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and even mid or large-sized companies, who wish to connect the dots between their technology and business by honing their business, management and marketing skillsets. The book’s e-launch was streamed live on Zoom amidst a global audience of renowned technologists, IT specialists, corporate experts and management enthusiasts. 

Styled as a simple and interactive personal journal, the book chronicles Harish’s observations, learnings and takeaways through decades of experience as an IT expert, management professional and academician. Citing examples of Facebook, Apple, Starbucks, DeBeers, Kellogg’s, Dominoes, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Accenture, ICICI Bank, among plenty others, as well as from Harish’s own life experiences, the book sheds light on how companies in diverse sectors have achieved success, failure or growth and overcome obstacles by using a mix of three important touchpoints: technology, business and marketing. 

From the technology touchpoint, the book discusses how technology has evolved from the early days of COBOL and Mainframe, to present-day technology like big data, analytics, AI, ML, etc. and how business have benefitted by it for operational functions like understanding consumer behaviour, growth metrics, forecasting projections, etc. From the business touchpoint, it explains how entrepreneurs must primarily address the most critical aspects of a business – the what, why, who and how – by breaking down concepts like target market identification, entry and penetration, the use of psychographics to create a “need” or “pain” in the mind of the consumer and addressing it through innovative products and growth and pricing strategies. The book even delves into key marketing and communication touchpoints like brand positioning, advertising and public relations to complete the overall effectiveness of the product/service. Combining all of these touchpoints, the book provides a holistic view of how technology and business work symbiotically, and not independently, to fill a social or business gap.

As part of book’s virtual launch, a webinar was hosted comprising a knowledge session, book reviewal and an interactive audience poll. Moderating this webinar was Dr. Rahul Mirchandani, Chairman and Managing Director, Aries Agro Ltd. and Founder President of Commonwealth-Asia Young Entrepreneur Alliance (CAAYE), who is also Harish’s mentor and a significant influence on this book. He said, “There is a constant tug of war that technology professionals face when they enter managerial roles. Harish has used this book to provide a very simple chronicle of his own journey to bridge this gap. Drawing from ample examples, he weaves a simple narrative that allows every reader to assimilate core marketing and business principles.” 

Overwhelmed at the book’s positive reception, author Harish commented“As an engineer and academician, I have come across many students, professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs, often engineers and technologists like myself, who find it difficult to capture the business sense of their ideas. I also noticed a lack of understanding as to WHY one should build a solution – people showcase technology ideas, but are often unsure if there really IS a business need.

This book allows the reader to start from the very basics, viz. – in which market are you operating? How do you enlist a customer to buy your product? How can you evaluate the success of your brand campaign? This is an attempt to share my knowledge to help bridge that Invisible Gap, in a simple and concise manner. I hope readers find it insightful and enjoyable at the same time. “

‘Technology to Business: The Invisible Gap is the second book authored and self-published by Harish, with its paperback edition also to be released soon. Harish’s first book Healthcare Decoded’ focuses on the history, present or future of Health IT sector, explaining how technology can simplify complex functions and process flows of the healthcare system. This book can also be availed on Amazon in the Kindle e-book and paperback editions.

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