What Do the Lights on Your Amazon Echo Device Mean?

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While you might have decoded different ways to use your Echo device and Alexa to make life easier and fun, how many times were you left wondering what the different coloured rings on your Echo device mean? Well, besides Alexa’s voice, the device can also communicate with you through the multi-coloured LED lights on its crown. And here’s what they mean:


Blue light on your Echo smart speaker indicates that the device is processing your request. When you talk to Alexa the ring flashes blue. When you’re done asking a question, the blue light spins while Alexa processes what has been said and formulates an answer.


The red light means you’ve muted your device’s microphone and the device will not be able to listen when you call out for Alexa or ask for information. To turn it back on, press the button on the top of your Echo to enable your microphone again.


Orange light pulsing around your Echo shows that the device is experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues. If you’re having trouble accessing Alexa on your Echo speaker, consider restarting the router. 


The yellow light means Alexa has a status update on your recent Amazon order or someone has messaged you. When this light appears, simply ask, “Alexa, play my messages,” or “Alexa, what are my notifications?”. 


A green light spinning on your Alexa device means you’re on an active call or active Drop In.  To make a call, just say, “Alexa, call mom” or say, “Answer,” to answer any incoming call. To disconnect the call, just say, “Alexa, hang up,”. The light turns off after a call is ended. 


If your device displays purple light, it means that Do Not Disturb has been enabled. It is a feature that makes sure no one can message or call at certain times.  To enable Do Not Disturb say, “Alexa, don’t disturb me” or “Alexa, Turn on Do Not Disturb”. To turn off the feature say, “Alexa, Turn off Do Not Disturb.” You can also schedule Do Not Disturb for specific days and times in the Alexa app.

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