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Due to COVID-19 YouTube has set the limit of 480p for all mobile phone users. According to the YouTube to minimize the load on the YouTube server they have putted this limit. Many people are home quarantine they will surely watch content on YouTube, which results in huge server load. Initially, YouTube has set the default video quality limit to 480p which can changeable through the setting. By clicking three dots at the top left corner > quality > you have the option to change, But due the server load YouTube has limited the quality to max 480p. These restrictions appear to be rolling out regionally, with most reports centering in Mumbai and Delhi, while cities like Bangalore and areas of Gujarat, so far appear to be free of these restrictions (though these may very well get the same restrictions in the coming hours and days). The restrictions are in place irrespective of your internet connection and its quality, so it does not matter whether you are on mobile data (4G LTE) or on Wi-Fi. The ceiling is apparently in place for YouTube Premium users too.

But if you are using the YouTube in desktop, then there are no limits you can watch content in 1080p or above. This is the snapshot of the same video which is above, that is in mobile phone this is in the desktop where no limitation.

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