Godrej announced Advantis Lock for Home security


Gone are the days when keys were used to access and secure homes. Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems brings to you Advantis, a digital gadget from the future.  Advantis is the revolution in locking solutions for Indian homes as it brings security at one’s fingertips. 

Now open the door with a single touch as Advantis comes with a 360-degree fingerprint sensor along with a touchscreen. This system provides the highest level of security as everyone’s fingerprint is unique. 

Through the Advantis range, one can have 4 unique passwords for different members of up to 4- 12 digits. Another unique feature is the smart card option where 100 cards can be registered for multiple users. In case of emergency, the lock can be opened with a mechanical key. Advantis is the high-tech lock that works well for everyone, be it kids or elders.

Godrej locks have always focused on creating locking solutions that is not only functionally robust but also beautifully designed. Packed with almost space-age functions that are simple to use; Advantis has a high style quotient, with its sleek elegance speaking volumes about one’s aesthetic sense.

Key Features of Advantis Range:

  • Biometric Identification: 360-degree fingerprint registration with storage upto 100 fingerprints 
  • Adjustable Spycode: Random numbers can be added before or after the password in the presence of strangers, there by maintaining secrecy
  • Smart Card Access: 100 RFID smart card can be registered with Advantis for multiple user access
  • Emergency Mechanical Key: In case of emergency the lock can be opened with a mechanical key 
  • Fire Sensor: Automatically unlocks the door in case of a fire (when the temperature goes above 65 degree celsius)
  • Emergency Battery: In case the battery is completely discharged, an external 9V battery can be used to operate the lock
  • Break-In Damage Alarm: Alarm goes off for 1minute continuously  if the password is entered incorrectly 5 times in a row
  • Access Password: 4 to 12 digits for enhanced password strength (Register up to 4 unique passwords)
  • Autolocking: Eliminates the hassle of manually locking the door

Variants under Advantis Range: 

Advantis – the future of locking solutions is available in three variants:  

  • Advantis Revolution is packed with some of the most advanced features of a smart lock such as biometric technology – a 360 degree fingerprint registration for maximum security; privacy function by which the lock can’t be opened from outside by any other means apart from a mechanical key override; low battery indication; fire-sensor, break-in damage alarm; adjustable spy code where random numbers can be added before and after the password in the presence of strangers to maintain secrecy among many other state-of-the-art features.
  • Advantis Technosecure comes with a range of features ensuring maximum safety such as – manual password protection (4 to 12 digits for enhanced password strength with options for multiple user access); RFID access (register up to 100 cards); adjustable spy code, auto-locking facility; low battery indicator; smoke- and fire-detector; multi-touch function: an option which throws 3 random digits after one has typed so that the fingerprints on the screen are unrecognizable etc. 
  • Advantis Crystal enables one to get the future of locking solutions on the glass door.
    Apart from the advanced security features the USP of Advantis Crystal Glass Door that the glass need not be cut/drilled to install the lock, thereby ensuring utmost ease of installation and maintaining aesthetic look of the glass door. Some of the key features are: access mode that provides password of 4-12 digits for enhanced password strength, compatibility with the remote and video door phone for ease of operation, fire-sensor, break-in damage alarm etc. 


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