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Recording the screen is very useful many times. You can record your screen and send it to anybody for study purpose or many others. There are many softwares available in the online market which can help you to record the screen in MacOs. But, downloading third party software is a bit painful for the Mac users because Apple does not allow you to install any third party developed Apps in the computer. Many softwares are paid too, But why wasting your money on others application rather than using inbuilt software. There is the software which is already installed on the Mac computers.

Recording the screen on the Mac is very easy you did not need to download any other softwares. Just follow these simple steps:

Click on Spotlight (magnify glass like symbol) at the very top right corner of your desktop-

Spotlight Marked with red

Now a Search like tap must be popped at your desktop. Type in their “QuickTime Player” and press enter-

QuickTime Player

QuickTime player is the default media player in the MacOs. It helps you to play videos. QuickTime Player supports a number of formats, such as QuickTime movie files (MOV), most MPEG-4 files (MP4, M4V, M4A, MP3), MPEG-2, DV Stream, Mjpeg, and some audio files like WAV, AIFF, AAC. However, these formats don’t enjoy the fair treating. Among them, MOV, MP4, and M4V are three types of optimal formats.

QuickTime Player also helps you to record your computer’s screen. You can start recording your computer’s screen in just a few clicks. After opening QuickTime Player, click on the File > New Screen Recording (Files are placed on the Toolbar which is at the top left corner of your computer’s screen)

QuickTime Player > New Screen Recording

Now you are good to go, You have done a great job 👍. Now hopefully a screen came up asking you to select the particular area on the desktop you want to record. Like this-

QuickTime Player

Your screen is started recording. And at the end of you want to stop the recording, click on the stop button at the very top left corner of the screen. (The stop recording button will not show in the screen recorded video don’t worry)

Click here to stop screen recording

Now just save the recorded video and you are done. Share the recorded video to anyone you want to. Hope this article helps you if you are facing any issue while recording the screen do comment down below will be definitely trying to help.

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